Do you prefer traditional gender roles? Find Ukrainian girlfriend!

Gender roles had changed a lot in the course of the last century, and they keep changing in our day and age. Perhaps it’s not a bad thing – after all, nothing in the world remains static. But if you feel like marrying a feminine woman instead of someone no different from your best buddy, you’d probably prefer to leave things as they were. Luckily, there are still places where traditional gender roles have not faded away. Ukraine is one of such places, so what you need to do is simply find Ukrainian girlfriend.

Table of content:

  1. What are traditional gender roles for men and women?
  2. Traditional gender roles for women
  3. Difference between Ukrainian girls and western girls
  4. Traditional gender roles for men
  5. Where should you look for a Ukrainian girlfriend?
  6. To sum it up

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Ukraine is getting increasingly popular among men from the USA, Western Europe, Australia and Canada when it comes to finding a woman of their dreams. Slavic girls are famed for their beauty, sophisticated outlook and wonderful character traits.

But what western men like most of all is their femininity. They don’t mind traditional gender roles in marriage. Their happiness to a great extent lies within begin mothers and wives, and this is the kind of attitude that is not to be taken for granted in the world of today. If you share this kind of attitude, it’s one of the clear signs that you should look for a Ukrainian woman.

What are traditional gender roles for men and women?

As a rule, gender roles are defined by social and cultural norms of a particular country. According to these norms, each member of a family has their responsibilities. Gender roles are not static, they tend to evolve due to particular changes in politics, religion, economy and culture.

Traditional gender roles for women

When it comes to society’s expectation of a women, she’s supposed to be caring, understanding, loving, wise, patient and, most importantly, homely. This is exactly what mot western men look for when they try to find Ukrainian girlfriend.

She creates a special atmosphere of cosiness and comfort at home, cooks like a pro, bring up her kids and support her husband in all his endeavours. She is a caring mother, devoted wife and excellent homemaker. And an average Ukrainian woman encompasses all these roles indeed. Girls in Ukraine are taught to clean, to cook and to wash up since they are very small, and all these skills come naturally to them.

They are also encouraged to take care of their younger brothers, sisters of cousins, and they seem to know a great deal about babies and toddlers by the time they turn eighteen or so. They are brilliantly educated and well read – it’s not uncommon for a Ukrainian girl to have one or two University degrees.

Yet if they have to choose between a career and family, they would choose the latter without giving it a second thought. A woman can’t be happy if she’s not a mother and wife, period. Also, according to traditional female roles, a woman should:

  • have kids early in life (by the age of 25 an average Ukrainian girl already has a child or even to kids);
  • devote herself to bringing up kids, look after them, help them with their home work and hobbies, and put their interests above her own;
  • do all the chores one can think of;
  • be adaptable and flexible;
  • inspire her husband and lead her to success (it’s not uncommon in Ukraine to blame a woman for her husband’s failures – if he’s a drunkard, a loser, an unemployed, it’s all her fault because she didn’t motivate him enough);
  • take very good care of her appearance in order to stay attractive for as long as possible;
  • be hospitable and friendly with guests of the house;
  • offer different activities for the whole family so no one would get bored.

Difference between Ukrainian girls and western girls

Girls in the west have learnt to value their independence. They tend to avoid getting married for as long as possible – one would call it the love for freedom, but in reality many of them simply avoid responsibilities.

They prioritize building their careers, travelling, spending time with friends, pursuing a hobby before getting married and having kids. They often postpone having children till their late thirties or even early forties. They easily divorce if there are some disagreements of frictions in a relationship.

Ukrainian women, in the contrary, try to get married as early in life as possible. If one postpones for too long, there is a huge risk to be let without a partner – male-to-female ratio works against women in Ukraine.

They try to look their best in order to attract attention of a man. Being married is like a status symbol and a special honour badge. Also, a girl would prefer having kids within a year or two after tying the knot – it ensures a stronger connection with her husband and makes her life meaningful.

As you can see, the difference between the two mindsets is quite dramatic. It’s no wonder so many western men would prefer to find Ukrainian girlfriend rather than start a relationship with a local woman. With a Ukrainian girl there are more chances to build a strong and loving family, and it’s highly unlikely she’ll file a divorce at the drop of a hat, even if you really deserve that.

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Traditional gender roles for men

Now, if you go for traditional gender roles in marriage, there are certain things a Ukrainian woman will expect from you. First of all, you should be an excellent breadwinner. Even if a woman works, it’s up to her how to spend her earnings. You’re expected to provide for the family and meet the needs of each family member.

Marry a Ukrainian woman with traditional family valuesAlso, you’re supposed to be a great decision maker. Of course, it goes without saying that you should ask for your wife’s advice when it comes to making some important decisions, but it’s you who are the head of the family and the last word is all yours. Slavic women expect a man to be a leader in a relationship. Decision making ability is one of the traits that are sure to impress a Ukrainian girl.

When a woman marries you, she entrusts you with her life and happiness, so there is no place for hesitations, doubts and weaknesses. You should be able to make out what is best for your family.

Also, you should be loyal to your wife. It’s highly unlikely that a Ukrainian woman will cheat on you – the majority of Slavic girls believe that love happens one in a lifetime. They are loyal and devoted to their partners, and expect the same in return.

Men in Ukraine have problems with being faithful to their wives, and why would they if there are so many beautiful girls around who try their best to attract their attention?

Women are encouraged to be understanding and forgiving, and a wife is expected to let it go if she finds out her husband cheats on her. But the truth is, a Slavic wife doesn’t tolerate adultery. This is something to remember if you decided to find Ukrainian girlfriend.

Where should you look for a Ukrainian girlfriend?

The easiest way to get acquainted with a girl from Eastern Europe is to join an international dating site. There are thousands Slavic women on these websites searching for love and marriage abroad. Select a reputable site with a paid membership and go through as many women’s profiles as you feel like. Bookmark the ones you like best.

Then it’s time to put up a winning profile together and upload some of your best pictures, so women would have an idea who they are talking to. Contact the girls you’ve selected and wait for their responses. In case they are interested, start corresponding with a few of them until you’ll be able to define which one is the most compatible with you.

Date her online by using all the communication tools offered by the site. Send her flowers and small gifts, set up a perfect Skype date. Enjoy your long distance relationship – it’s a unique experience both of you will remember for years to come. After a few months or even a year it’s time to make a trip to Ukraine. This is the most conventional way of finding a Ukrainian wife.

To sum it up

Ukraine is one of the best destinations if you’re determined to find a woman who would appreciate traditional gender roles in marriage. Find Ukrainian girlfriend and observe positive changes happening in your life!

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