How important is sex life for average Ukrainian women?

What do Ukrainian women expect from their sex life? What desires and fantasies do they have today? What pleasures do they strive for, what do they allow themselves and what do they prohibit? What is wrong with female sexual desire?

Table of content:

  1. The importance of sexual life for men
  2. The importance of sexual life for women
  3. Psychological aspect
  4. Female desire is less stable than male desire
  5. Rules of harmony
  6. Ukrainian women pay attention to these things

Ukrainian women sometimes have a headache, or dishes that are not washed. Men are offended by these expressions: “You have no time for sex all the time.” Women feel guilty, angry with themselves and, afterwards, with their men. With a female desire, this is so. Except that it is feminine.

Sexual relations are one of the obstacles in the communication of men and women. Men often do not completely understand what women want, and women, in turn, are confident that “these men only need one thing”, not realizing the real needs of men. For a long time it was not accepted to talk about sexuality, and therefore, perhaps, so many problems arise in this area.

It is generally accepted, that constant thoughts about sex are the prerogative of a man, but this does not mean that women do not think about sex. Ukrainian women think. After all, the importance of sex can hardly be overestimated – this is one of the most important components of a couple’s relationship. Only the thoughts of men and women are very different from each other. Let us try to understand the issue of attitude to sex between both sexes.

Sex is other way to say about your feelings

The importance of sexual life for men

The role of sex in a man’s life is extremely large – the male ego is largely tied to sex. As they grow older, the male view of sex changes: at 17 years old they are continuous hormones, and the process of having sexual intercourse is almost uncontrollable. With age, many men begin to prefer a stable relationship with a regular partner. For a man, sex and love are not necessarily one. These are different facets of male life. At the same time, men consider sex a mandatory manifestation of love, a way to show it. Sex without love is acceptable and enhances self-esteem.

However, contrary to popular belief, sex and love are closely related. In the presence of love, a man experiences completely different emotions, and often sexual life goes to a new level. Unlike the early, little conscious period of sexual life, a man begins to take care that the partner receives maximum pleasure from the process. If he is at his best, the beneficial effect of sex on a man becomes especially noticeable.

The importance of sexual life for women

The opinion of women about sex is different. Sex in a woman’s life is a very important aspect, but far from the main one. Sex without relationships is possible, but almost never an end in itself. Now, when gender roles are gradually shifting, more and more Ukrainian women are found who are not looking for a permanent relationship, however, sex for the sake of sex in women is much less common. In the first place, as a rule, the romantic side of the relationship. Moreover, sex is their logical continuation.

The basis of a woman’s sexual drive is not something physical, but much more fantasy. Sometimes a woman needs to change her environment in order to again feel the attraction and realize the importance of sex. Sometimes intimate communication becomes a tool of manipulation. The need for sex for Ukrainian women is often lower than in the male half of humanity. Knowing such a strong effect of sex on a man, women learned to use intimacy as a way to get what they want. In regular sex, a woman can be the guarantor of her peace of mind – she knows that she is desirable, and this positively affects her self-esteem. The dependence of self-esteem on bedding in women is less than that of men, and yet understanding her attractiveness gives the woman a tangible self-confidence.

Psychological aspect

Sex is a kind of indicator of the harmonious relationship in a couple. The relationship between good sex and well-being is obvious. When sexual life does not satisfies the need of both partners, it effects the relations not in a best way.

Absence of sexual relations effects in a bad way

 What happens in the female body due to regular intimacy:

– Normalization of the hormonal background. Hormonal imbalance leads to menstrual irregularities, changes in skin condition, etc.

Strengthening blood vessels. The active production of testosterone during sex leads to the strengthening of muscle tissue (of which the heart is also built), and estrogen prevents the development of cardiovascular pathology.

Analgesia. “Headache” is a call to action. After all, an orgasm promotes the production of endorphins and serotonin, eliminating the pain syndrome!

Strengthening the immune system. Serotonin and Ig A antibodies, which are secreted during sex, have an immune-enhancing effect.

Self-confidence. If a woman does not feel desired, no matter how successful she is, she will feel miserable.

Preservation of youth and beauty. Thanks to active blood circulation, cell recovery is accelerated, toxins are released.

Female desire is less stable than male desire

For men, physical attraction is at the forefront; for Ukrainian women, the emotional connection is on the top. An intimate relationship for a woman is, first of all, not physical intimacy, but spiritual. To desire a man, it is important for her to know that all this is not just for one night. Therefore, the period of “marriage dances”, courtship is so important – a woman needs to evaluate her choice.

Without understanding who he is, without reaching emotional closeness, it is extremely difficult for a woman to let a man into her world. A man, on the contrary, in order to understand whether it is possible to allow a woman to be “personal,” you first need to understand what kind of intimacy will be. That is, men and women follow different paths: male energy is directed outward, female energy is directed to internal experiences.

Ask woman what desires she has in sex

Rules of harmony

The most important thing in sex is the harmonious interaction of partners. Remember the old ad in which the slogan “We are so different – and yet we are together” was slogan? This is about us – women and men. Our ideas about sex – and not only about sex, about almost everything – are so different that sometimes it is unclear whether we can find at least some common ground. We can. Moreover, in order to achieve harmony in the relationship with Ukrainian women, it is worth following a few rules.

Rule 1. Talk to each other

Evolution gave us speech – coherent and figurative. Talk to your partner as sincerely as possible. Discuss what she likes, who have what preferences in sex. If you do not like something, it is also worth discussing. This will help you to understand your own sexuality and the desires of your partner.

Rule 2. Stop being shy

Chastity is a good thing, but when it comes to bed, it is not entirely appropriate. Do not be afraid to be liberated; do not be afraid to fantasize. Think about the fact that this person is the closest to you; why not embody your fantasies with him?

Rule 3. Touch each other

Physical contact is incredibly important for Ukrainian women, and not just in the process of intercourse. Try to understand each other by touching that your partner is welcome, that you like to touch him.

Rule 4. Have Fun

Sex is not conscription. This process should bring joy to both partners. Learn to enjoy sex. This is a powerful “dope”, which includes both physical pleasure and strengthening of spiritual connection.

Rule 5. Love each other

The obvious rule. And the most important. Both men and women need love and physical intimacy. Love and sex is a force that will help you solve problems that constantly arise; it is energy exchange that allows you to find harmony.

Ukrainian women pay attention to these things

Yes, everyone has different tastes, but some basic wishes coincide in 90% of Ukrainian women.

  • Care and attention from man’s side. In order to become a good partner, you need to make an effort.
  • Condom – safety first. Yes, Ukrainian women want men to turn on their brains when it comes to security.
  • Orgasm and satisfaction during the process. Sex without orgasm is like a monotonous press swing, only the second sense is clearly more.
  • Clean linen. Without crumbs and stains of incomprehensible origin on the sheet. Otherwise, it is just hard to relax and have fun.
  • The female body is a complicated thing: it needs preliminary preparation.
  • A little of realism. Sex like in porn is cool, but you should not expect from Ukrainian women an acrobatic stunt in the style of Elsa Jean.

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