How to ask a friend to hookup if it’s the first time sex

The first sex is safest with well-known people. It’s a normal practice to get laid with friends when you’re still a virgin, and it’s more approved than having first sex with complete strangers.

However, there are some recommended tips for speeddate in how to make it right. Otherwise, the inconvenience is highly possible and you don’t want that. Talk to your friend nicely and openly.

  • “Do you think we trust each other enough?” It may sound like an innocent question, but if you lead the conversation in a correct direction, your friend will get what you mean.
  • “I am attracted to you physically”. If your friendship is strong, it will carry the weight of such a confession and your buddy won’t be insulted. It doesn’t give any false hopes.
  • “I would rather sleep with you than with that jerk”. This phrase is perfect, it is straightforward enough yet easy-going and alluring. Let’s see what your friend answers.
  • “I would like to have good memories about my first time”. That’s a very polite way to offer sex. If your friend is a smart and intelligent person, the success is highly possible.

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