How to order a wife from Ukraine

International marriages are common in Ukraine. Every year, many Ukrainian women and girls marry foreigners. Of course, each life has its own way. There were various reasons for this: unstable economic situation, difficult financial situation. However, there were personal ones – domestic violence in the family from men, which prompted the search for extraordinary steps.

Table of content:

  1. How to order a wife and not make a mistake with the choice
  2. Western suitors are looking for ways to order a wife
  3. Ukrainian women are solicited to be ordered
  4. Foreigners are looking for ways how to order a wife
  5. How to order a wife from Ukraine – ways and opportunities
  6. Romantic tours to Ukraine
  7. Features of Ukrainian women
  8. How to meet Ukrainian brides

How to order a wife and not make a mistake with the choice

Europeans and Americans pay money for the selection of a wife in the countries of the former USSR and in particular in Ukraine. The bride from Kiev, Poltava, Odessa costs the overseas groom from 2.2 thousand to 4.5 thousand dollars.

Special agencies arrange mass dates for their clients for money. Usually these are men of advanced age. On dates, foreign grooms choose wives from several Ukrainian women who dream of a richer person from abroad. How to order a wife and not make a mistake with the choice? A romantic tour to Ukraine offers men a unique opportunity to visit the country of the former Soviet Union, the beauty of which is only overshadowed by Ukrainian women.

Western suitors are looking for ways to order a wife

Western bachelors who are looking for a wife in Ukraine admit that they agree to pay for a Ukrainian wife because of traditional upbringing and family values.

European women are brought up to be independent. They live their own separate lives and do not care about their husbands, as their mother took care of. Foreigners want a wife who will be a good housewife and will babysit children at home. They want wife to obey them and are looking for old-fashioned girls from the family where the father was in charge. So that she gets used to the fact the man decides that everything in the family.

Ukrainian women are solicited to be ordered

Ukrainians, however, admit that they agree to marry an elderly foreigner because in Ukraine there are very few men who do not abuse alcohol and do not beat their wives. Western human rights activists see in this matchmaking a form of human trafficking. According to them, women are limited in choosing a foreign groom. In addition, experts see the similarity in assigning each girl a number with the number of cattle in a slaughterhouse. In their opinion, Ukrainians are becoming a commodity on which agencies earn.

Foreigners are looking for ways how to order a wife

Ukrainians are increasingly marrying foreigners. Over the past ten years, the number of mixed marriages in the country has doubled. Americans and Europeans treat Ukrainian beauties with caution. Along with the positive image of a Ukrainian-faithful wife, another stereotype reigns – a beautiful predator who only lures money. It turns out that the negative image of Ukrainians is the result of fraudulent schemes. Foreigners who think about how to order a wife spend thousands of dollars communicating with Ukrainians, which in reality do not exist.

Ukrainians are increasingly marrying foreigners

How to order a wife from Ukraine – ways and opportunities

The fact that the most beautiful girls live in Ukraine has long been heard outside of Ukraine. Since the last ten years in the near and far abroad, marriage to a Ukrainian girl has been considered successful and enviable, hundreds of fresh foreign men who are looking for the woman of their dreams in our country are registered daily on international dating sites (another example here).

Of course, not all of them have the same “serious intentions” that they declare in their profile, often dating results in banal sex tourism, when foreigners want cheaper romantic relationships. In addition, the temperamental beauties from an economically backward country, it would seem, fit into this format. However, seekers of romance, serious relationships or affordable sex, who are interested in how to order a wife from Ukraine, are increasingly overestimating the naivety of Ukrainians. In addition, they underestimate their innate practicality.

Girls are far from always anxiously thirsty to shoulder the burden of marital duties or plunge into a storm of passions, often they want to travel at the expense of a wealthy fan, visit expensive restaurants and hotels with him, get some precious trifle from him as a memory of acquaintance amount.

Romantic tours to Ukraine

“Romantic tours” to Ukraine are very popular all over the world: the British, Americans, Australians pay a lot of money to dating agencies, if only they would tell how to order a wife from Ukraine.

Ukrainian girls conquer the hearts of foreigners not only with their beauty, but also with their spiritual qualities and their attitude to family values. Young girls often have to marry old, bald, fat foreigners from the hopelessness that comes from the financial distress and unwillingness of Ukrainian men to patronize their women.

Many ladies believe that Ukrainian men are so spoiled that they can not objectively look at their compatriots. Foreigners are compared. And in this comparison, Ukrainian women, according to them, are not in competition.

Features of Ukrainian women

So what is so special about Ukrainians? Qualities of Ukrainian girls who so surprise foreigners and so ignore Ukrainian men:

  • For several years, Ukrainians have been recognized as one of the most beautiful women in the world. According to foreigners, so many beauties can not be found on any street in the world.
  • Our women know how to cook, keep clean in the house, economically conduct household life. Culinary recipes and useful tips are passed on in Ukraine from generation to generation.
  • Ukrainians are emotional and passionate. They show the whole palette of female feelings: tenderness, tenderness, jealousy, resentment, mercy, the ability to forgive, understand and support.
  • The ability to get out of difficult situations, solve serious problems, lead a man to success are qualities that help Ukrainians survive even in the most difficult life circumstances.
  • Maternal love. The kind of love that Ukrainians treat children is admirable. Not without reason in our country there are many songs about mothers and their boundless warmth in the education of their children.
  • One of the main epithets that the writers of Ukrainian girls awarded in their books is hard work. Times have changed, but incredible disability has remained in the genes of our ladies. Some women work in several jobs to provide children while remaining loving, gentle wives.
  • Ukrainians love to sing and dance, they have a great sense of humor. Almost every girl in the country has some kind of creative ability.
  • Respect for parents and religiosity. In Ukrainian traditions – to appreciate, love and respect parents and traditions of generations.
  • The desire to be a wife. Most Ukrainians since childhood dream of marrying well and creating a happy family, home comfort, raising children.

How to order a wife from Ukraine - ways and opportunities

How to meet Ukrainian brides

Thanks to the Internet, more and more Ukrainians get acquainted with foreigners and move abroad. But a change in habitual lifestyle is fraught with a number of problems and challenges. Learning a language, paperwork, loneliness, another cultural code – you have to get used to and adapt to everything. And if one is not easy to accept someone else’s mentality, then others find it difficult to find new friends or their place in an unfamiliar society.

How to order a wife who will be suitable in all respects? Ukrainians want to leave in order to earn money and to live better. Educated women go abroad. Ukrainians are acquainted with foreigners, most often, on the Internet – now there are many dating sites, as well as Facebook, so doing this is not a problem. Then the foreigners come to Kiev, and there is also the so-called “escort” – this is when a Ukrainian girl flies to her chosen one herself and then escorts him to Kiev, so that the foreigner has fewer difficulties at the airport, when renting a house, in a taxi and so on further.

Girls are different – some initially expect only to just spend time with a rich man, and some are aimed at getting married and flying abroad for permanent residence. There are different and foreigners – most, of course, just come to have a good time, but there are those who purposefully travel to Ukraine to seek a wife.

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