How to help Ukrainian lady in the process of moving to another country

Moving permanently is always a complicated and stressful process. But many guys have learned that this is also a very good test for the feelings and the relationships as well as the chance of getting to know what kind of person your Ukrainian bride is under pressure. The main key to make this process tolerable for both of you, is to learn to understand how the Ukrainian girl feels when leaving home.

Do not let doubts get you

It is quite usual that during the period of moving from one country to another the woman becomes too anxious about everything that is going on. Her to-do list is getting longer every day and she is stressed out. It is a big trap for couples, because oftentimes men get a bit new picture of the woman and they might not like it. Here is a tip for you: avoid making conclusions about her during this period. This is the time for you to show your support, not losing your confidence and having doubts. Ukrainian women are mostly very emotional and get easily overexcited. You have to be the one who cools it down. If you can feel her anxiety being transferred to you, than she will also be able to feel your coolness and it will calm her down. It is an excellent situation for you to show her that you are a real man.

Homesickness starts early

Some Ukrainian girls might start getting homesick even before leaving the country. After all, this is the place where they have grown up and although they know that they are leaving for a better life, they are still sad to leave everything they had behind. Especially if the Ukrainian lady that you are dating is close with her family and has some really good friends in Ukraine. When leaving home for a while, there is always the fear that you will miss something extremely important and you will regret it. This fear is the key reason for sadness and becoming homesick in advance. Of course, if the Ukrainian woman knows that she is going to be happy with you – this will overrun her other emotions and you will successfully go through the period of migration.


Be a source of support and prepare to be patient

You might notice that the woman is acting differently than she used to, maybe she is very nervous and calls you hundred times a day, maybe she is quiet and keeps to herself. Either way, you should be patient and let her get over it. Do not hesitate to show your love and willingness to support her. Make sure you are helping her enough with organizing her moving. Upon arrival, be ready that she will be asking you a lot of questions. Be prepared to give her a lot of your attention. The length of the adaptation period might vary depending on how sensitive the Ukrainian girl is. Be ready that her emotions might fluctuate. One day she will be shining and happy about the new environment, and the other day she will be sitting with an empty look on her face, thinking about home and people she misses.


You can never know for sure how a woman will act and feel when leaving her home country. It is very individual. Some girls might not bother at all and take everything easily. Some Ukrainian women will seek more assistance from their partners. Before you decide to marry a woman from abroad you have to be ready that there all will be some problems and you will have to come up with the solutions. However, it is a great way to prove that you are a reliable man. It is very important for your Ukrainian bride and she will love you even more, if she feels that you are there for her when she needs help. In general, Ukrainian ladies are quite good at getting used to the new place. After all, she has already decided to marry you and it means that she is willing to trade everything that connects her to her home, for the happy life with you.

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