How to help Ukrainian lady in the process of moving to another country

Why Western men are so obsessed with the women from former Soviet Union? Why Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian ladies are so attractive and are there any pitfalls in Ukrainian dating for a foreigner? Let’s try to figure it all out.

Charm and attraction

You will never meet a Ukrainian girl in the street who looks “casual” in the worst sense of this word. Each girl from Ukraine spends a lot of time on creating her own unique style and if clothes and accessories are more like an objective necessity for American women Ukrainians consider it all absolutely different.

It is not enough just to put on nice and neat clothes for them. Girls from Ukraine should always be sure that they look cute and attractive even they do not have a purpose to be picked up. It’s kind of a tradition in the Slavic society – a woman must be a lay all the time. Even if she went out just to buy some snacks or to walk a dog. She cannot allow herself to look bad, and that’ it. And “bad” means not even really bad and ugly but more like usual, ordinary.

That is why if you see dozens of awesome women on the pictures of some marriage agency you can rest sure that they will look the same or even better in real life. Don’t believe? Then try yourself!

Being mother as a mission

Family values are highly appreciated by the women from Ukraine. The problem with bad demography is the same like in Russia – lack of decent men, poor social conditions and financial instability. If you have ever seen migrants from the former USSR somewhere in Europe or in America who managed to find good job and have stable income you have probably noticed that they never have less than two kids. Three is the average number here.

It may initially seem strange but Ukrainian girls are not fond of babysitters and devoting their whole life to career. They prefer to stay at home and spend as much time with their kids as possible. Family is the primary thing and all the rest is secondary.

However, if there is a real need to earn money your Ukrainian love will never let you suffer alone – she will do her best to find a job. Even daily work does not prevent her from doing domestic chores and raising children. It is probably the best thing in these amazing women.


Fly in the ointment

Nothing is perfect in our world and even online Ukrainian dating can be disappointing if you are too naïve. There are still some scammers from Ukraine who can ask you to send them money for the ticket or who would even be happy to visit and to marry you and later try to win all your belongings in the court.

But when you meet Ukrainian women you need just to be attentive – generally scammers are very easy to detect. And it would be wise of you to use dating services with good reputation where you can be sure that no one will try to steal your time or money.


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