What to talk about with the Ukrainian bride

Whether you are just starting to date online or preparing for the first real life meeting, you are probably thinking what are you going to talk about with the Ukrainian girl. Of course it is better to be on the safe side and stay with the topics that are neutral. Below are some of the starting points to get the conversation going.

If you don’t know what to talk about – get her talking

Many Ukrainian women are quite talkative by the nature. However, at first they might seem shy because of the language barrier. It is important for you to get the woman talking. The easiest way is just to ask questions. Show the Ukrainian lady that you are sincerely interested in her. Try to ask more open-ended questions, but keep it simple. Depending on how good her English level is, it might be difficult for a girl to answer too complicated questions at first. Do not worry about it, her language skills will definitely improve in the process of communication. The main reason for poor knowledge of foreign languages among the Ukrainian girls, is the lack of practice.

Family, work, school

These are things that are good to know to get a better picture of the person. However, try not to be too judgmental. The fact that she does not have very good relations with her family does not make her a bad person. She is just being honest with you. Do not judge if you do not know all the details and do not try to dig for them. Most of the Ukrainian ladies are well-educated so it is not a bad topic to talk about. Learning about the attitude of the person towards their work is also important. This way you can determine faster if this girl is a workaholic or not. (It is up to you to decide whether it is a good thing or a bad thing.)

Interests and hobbies

It is a great topic to learn the person better and also a smart way to learn about useful things for the future. Remember what she say or make some notes if you want to. If she mentions that she loves animals and has always wanted to have horses, then later on, you can make a surprise by taking her to horseback riding. This will be something that will deeply impress her and you will have quite high chances of winning her heart forever. Do not bother if you find out that you do not have many common interests or hobbies. It is ok to be different. It is better if you are honest at the beginning about the things that you like or do not like.

Be curious about their country

But do not go overboard. Getting to know the person is much more important than learning about the culture and traditions of their homeland. On top of that, do your best not to ask stupid stuff, or something than anyone can learn from the first page of Wikipedia. You can impress Ukrainian girls by knowing some interesting facts about their hometown. Feel free to ask about the life in the country. It will get the conversation going and give the lady ideas what to ask from you. You have to do your part of talking, but obviously, do not turn it into a monologue or write too long answers.
Being interested in a person always makes them like you more. Ukrainian women love men who show them a lot of attention. Once they open up and gain more confidence, they are fun and easy to talk to. As long as you try to avoid controversial topics and be open with the partner yourself, online dating with Ukrainian ladies is a blast.


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