Learn to read the body language of Ukrainian women

Ukrainian womenWhen people have hard time communicating verbally, the body language starts playing a very important role. At the same time, it can cause a lot of misunderstandings too. Therefore people are often afraid to misinterpret what the other wants to express. Knowing about body language of Ukrainian women can help you to have more efficientt communication.

How to greet when you meet

People in Ukraine act very differently when meeting new people. More expressive Ukrainian girls are open to hugging and sometimes kiss on the cheek. However, it is not a common tradition. It is ok to hug when you have talked over the electronic means of communication a lot and you feel that you already know each other. However, Ukrainians are usually not fond of hugging strange people. It is more safe rather to stay conservative, but what really matters is that you greet the Ukrainian bride with the smile and show that you are happy to see her. It will instantly make her feel good.

You do not always get a smile

Ukrainians, as well as many other Eastern Europeans, believe that smiling should be used only on appropriate occasions and you do not have to smile when insulting someone. Which leads to the fact, that if you see Ukrainian ladies smiling, you are most likely witnessing a genuine smile. It is also true for the other facial expressions. You can often see what a woman sees on her face. Mostly the Slavic women do not have the habit of keeping a straight face whatever happens or faking the emotions. There is also a lot of beauty and shine in the eyes of Ukrainian women, eyes are used a lot to express the feelings as well.


Ukrainian women

Be rather reserved with the physical touch

Men are often very impatient when it comes to becoming closer to a woman. They want to touch and feel their hair, the face and the waistline. But you should be really careful with this. If the woman is not ready for the contact yet, then it might be annoying for her. Sometimes men do these things without even noticing, so try to control your movements. Of course, Ukrainian girls are far from being frigid and they like when men are seeking physical contact, but this should happen at the right time. Otherwise, they might feel that you are trying to speed up the process and it will make the ladies feel being used.

How to know when a woman wants more contact

When a Ukrainian lady likes you and she feels herself good with you, she will soon start checking the ground herself. You will notice that she wants to touch you once in a while to see if you will respond. Usually Ukrainians like having personal space, but if a woman takes the initiative and sits closer to you, it is a good sign. The rest is up to you, you can feel more free to grab her hand, if she is trying to walk closer to you. You can put an arm around her shoulder when you see that she is leaning towards you. After all, Ukrainian women like men who are not afraid to take action. So even if you tried once and did not get the response that you wanted, it does not mean that you should leave everything up to the girl. If you feel that you are in a right moment of becoming more closer, you should definitely give it a try.


Ukrainian women

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