How to impress a Ukrainian girl

First meeting might make you nervous, but there are a couple of things that can help you to succeed. Impressing a woman is not as hard as it seems and every guy can handle it, if he knows some basic ideas that we are going to talk about.

First things first

The first thing that you should think about is the first thing that she will notice – your appearance. For Ukrainian women in is not super important that you wear designer clothes and accessories. You have to look neat, smell good and be confident. Do not try to appear too up-to-date with the fashion, unless you have learned that your dating partner is very much into following the trend. You should wear something smart casual, something that looks nicer than your average T-shirt or a hoodie, but do not try to press yourself into a tight collar shirt and a suit, if you are not used to wearing these clothes and you will probably not wear them again. Make sure that your clothes and shoes are neat and clean. You do not have to buy some extra expensive stuff to impress the Ukrainian lady, especially if it harms your budget. Save this money for future activities with your girlfriend. As it was already mentioned above the key component is your confidence. You should smile and have an attractive attitude. Be welcoming and enthusiastic.

Prepare a welcome gift

In Ukraine it is still common to give a woman flowers and Ukrainian girls really like it. Remember, that the number of flowers should be uneven. It is a tradition that odd number is given when the cause is happy, and the even number of flowers is given in case of sad events. Any flowers are good, but it is especially great if you learn in advance what kind of flowers the woman likes. The bouquet should be put together tastefully, and do not go for something extra big. It would be uncomfortable to hold it and to move from one place to another with a bunch of flowers. If you really want to impress a woman you should prepare a special gift. Again, do not go overboard by giving her a diamond necklace, it might make her feel very uncomfortable and leave an impression that you are buying her. A small and symbolic piece of jewelry, a scarf or other accessories are fine. A gift might also be something specific from your country, but in this case it should be something nice, not a kitsch from a souvenir shop. For Ukrainian ladies it is important to see that you have been preparing for your first meeting.


Be polite

Ukrainian girls sometimes think that the guys from the West are afraid to be gentlemen. One of her fears is that you are too obsessed with the equal rights. The stereotype about the men from well developed countries is that they have lost their manners due to the fact that women do not let them do the things for them. In some way, it is true in the Western world. However, if you will break this stereotype and show your best manners, it will blow the minds of Ukrainian women. Feel free to be polite and help the woman with the little things – like hanging her coat, holding the door for her and helping her to get out of the car. This is highly appreciated by the Ukrainian ladies.

Make her feel comfortable.

It is great if you are smart and you have a lot of things to tell the woman, but the best way to win her heart is through listening. Ask questions that will make her talk, the ones that start with “how”, “why” and “what do you think”. It is important to give feedback, but do not get into too long stories. If you feel a little nervous, it is ok, probably the woman is nervous too. It takes a lot of pressure off if you admit it. What is more – it even makes you seem more confident and puts the Ukrainian girl at ease with you. Do not be afraid to show her that you like her, that will help her to become more confident as well. The easiest way to do it is through honest compliments.


To sum it up, you should just stay calm and keep it simple during the first date. If you are not afraid to ruin it and you do not focus on the bad stuff, then good things will hay and your Ukrainian beauty queen will be looking forward to see you again.

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