How to keep interest in a Ukrainian woman

It is a common truth that one can easily gain something but it’s hard to keep it. That is why pretending and lies in the beginning of the relationships always lead to painful disaster in the end, but actually there are also some other things that can make Ukrainian women turn away from their men.

Stay a man

When a marriage agency offers women dating service they praise Western men for being respectful and careful to their wives and especially to children. It can look weird but the main problem with the men from Ukraine is their unwillingness to be gentlemen with their women and good fathers for their kids. It does not mean that every man acts like that but the tendency exists.

That is why foreigners do their best to be polite when they meet Ukrainian women and quite many of them always behave that way. However, a lot of others turn into a typical patriarchal husband some time after the wedding and oppress their wives feeling the superiority to the Ukrainians. It’s a great mistake. Even if she is a migrant who does not know the legal system well nothing will prevent her from leaving you for better. Remember – Ukrainian women do not keep calm when someone takes them for granted. They are beautiful enough to quickly find another man who would value them higher.

Cheap but generous

Slavic women often take the control over the cash flows in their families but they would be very happy if a man does all these things like saving and distributing money. It is very useful skill to be both cheap in order to save enough and at the same time generous for your wife and children.

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We recommend you to think about it on the stage of online dating when you and your new friend are getting to know each other better. There is one great thing concerning Ukrainian girls – they do not require from you to work hard and to earn a lot. It is enough to be breadwinner in wider sense which considers being careful and attentive. Even if she earns more than you there is no problem about that.

Respect her family

In the majority of cases your wife’s family will not speak any English at all. They will hardly speak any other language except Ukrainian and/or Russian. Well, we are not going to make you sign up for Ukrainian courses, not at all, but it would be great if you learn at least some words and simple sentences. Such an approach will just let her parents feel happy. They will certainly be surprised with it.


And one more wise step from your side will be letting the kids learn your wife’s language – otherwise how would they communicate with their grandparents, aunts and uncles? Moreover, knowledge of extra language will let them find a better job in future.

Ukrainian women are ready for many things to leave their country for better but no one has any right to underestimate or mistreat them. They can be patient but at the same time smart and wise. You will regret about bad behavior when it will be too late and she will not come back. So maybe it’s better to do everything right from the very beginning?

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