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How to tell that the woman is interested in you, not just moving abroad

Deciding to get married is a big and important decision. Whether you have or have not been married before you want to avoid making serious mistakes and you are probably hoping to stay together for a long time. You have to make sure that the Ukrainian woman you are dating as the same plans. It is disgusting to think that she might dump you after she has settled in at the new.

Catch it early

The best way to get to know what the woman really wants is to start talking about it as early as possible. If you are dating a Ukrainian lady for a while and it is starting to get serious, then ask her about how she sees your future together. And if you start getting any doubts that it makes sense to ask some critical questions. If she does not get a visa right away, is she willing to live with you in Ukraine for a while. And what if you have to stay there longer than one year? What if you will have to move to a third country? How much is she willing to travel with you? What she is going to answer will not help to determine for sure whether the Ukrainian girl is interested in you or your country, but it will give you a lot of extra information about the way that she thinks.

The easiest way to tell is to listen

Oftentimes Ukrainian women decide for online dating with a foreigner based on a sole impulse. Then you come and she thinks she is falling in love with you, but actually she is more in love with her dream about life in another country. You have to recognize it in advance before the relationship gets too serious. Later on it will be hard to convince her that she does not actually need you, but your country, and she will get hurt. To determine, whether she likes the place where you live more than she likes you, you have to listen what is the women talking and asking about. Is she interested in your personality, your hobbies, your family, or is she constantly wonders about the environment that you live in, your job and the culture of your home country? If you notice too much interest to the things that are not relevant to you as a person, then you should consider telling the woman about it. This issue is crucial if you want to get married and if you confront it early it is quite harmless. The bitter truth is always better than a sweet lie. If your Ukrainian bride will realize early that she was in love with the idea of moving abroad, you both would not be wasting too much time. However, if your relationship is already strong enough, you will both admit the situation and you can have a new start together.

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Why should she choose you?

There is a certain type of guys who keep attracting women who are after the visas or the wallets. These are guys who start online dating because they think it will be easier to pick up a woman from Eastern Europe. In other words, simply because they think they do not deserve to be with a nice girl from their country. Whether it is because of the tight budget or your self-esteem. Here is the truth, after some time Ukrainian ladies will also figure out what kind of man you are. If you are not confident to date someone you like, you will probably attract just those girls who are looking for their ticket to the Western world, and you are more likely to be used. On the other hand, if you try to be yourself and find someone with whom you really click, then you are much more likely to get on track of happy marriage. In the ideal situation you should not have any doubts about your chosen one. But it is good to be aware that not all ladies are equally honest. There are plenty of decent Ukrainian girls out there, but of course, there are cases where marriage does not have a happy ending. So the best idea is to make really sure that you know the person well enough before making any serious moves. Take your time and look for a perfect Ukrainian wife.

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