Creating sexual tension when approaching women

Female unconscious mechanisms, something that Sigmund Freud called “Id”, force them to surrender to certain qualities in men, while bypassing her rational thinking. All women tend to get attracted to traditional set of “alpha-male” qualities. This doesn’t at all imply that they choose only Tarzans, James Bonds and your next door Mister America. Women rather decipher certain vibes, words and body language techniques as communicating “masculinity” to them. Even average- looking guy can be irresistibly attractive to women if he knows how to project his virtual masculinity and hook on to her sexual psychological receptors.

Combine a touch of arrogance and distance with a sense of humor

The trick of creating sexually charged tension is in combining slightly arrogant, “devil-may-care” approach with a sense of humor. If you act only like condescending, arrogant man, woman you are approaching will be appalled and will think of you as “just another arrogant jerk, possibly misogynist”. But if you are combining this approach with a humor, you will be surprised how well this would work for you.

For example, when you see attractive woman, say her: “If you could use a little less make-up, I could have seen you through” or “What a dress you have! You do not need to go to fitness – no one can see your shape anyway”. Both of these statements are arrogant and even despising but they are delivered in combination with humor. What combination of arrogance and fun communicates to her is that you seem to be interested in her to address her at all, but she has certain flaws that she needs to overcome in order to deserve you. You are not nervous in front of this attractive woman like all the rest of the male population; you are so confident that you can afford to comment on her “uncommentable” features.

You immediately project all the proper beliefs of “masculinity”, your power and confidence, your calmness and playfulness.

Sexually charged misinterpretation of her words

If you are in a company of an attractive woman, or even if you are meeting her for a first date, you can use “misinterpretation approach”. Which is essentially interpreting every word she says as a highly sexually-charged statement. Good example of this technique would be dialog like that. She says: “It’s too late; we’d better go take some rest”. And you shoot back: “Whoa! We barely know each other and you are inviting me to sleep with you”! There is a cluster of words that can be interpreted in similar way, like “go to bed”, “to go out”, “touching” and many more. You can use them and suggest that she wants to simply pick you up without being a lady. While both “picking-up” and “not being a lady” is utter nonsense and you both are intelligent enough to get this, statements like that would create sexual tension with a humor.


If she is discussing sex, simply say that you think she is “thinking constantly about sex”. If she says that she is about to find a new place to live, tell her “I don’t want to live with you at ll. Not yet”.

Bust on her “bad behavior”

Create some suspense while busting on her “bad behavior”. Say “If you have been better human being, I could have shown you some better places in this town”.

Do not forget to use proper tone of voice when busting on a woman in order to create sexual tension. Use calm, almost whispery voice, the one that conspirators use when they communicate. And do not laugh while delivering. The situation you are creating is sufficiently funny itself, and when you are laughing you can look “goofy” from where she stands.

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