How to make sure that woman respects you

Every man is entitled to be with a woman that is not only interested in having benefits from relationships with him, but who is also respecting him as human being and a man. You can prevent a lot of disappointments in the future if you will be able to recognize those women who respect while you are getting acquainted with them on online dating webservices. Do not waste your energy, timer and money on meeting in real life anyone who is not respecting you. We provide you here with a guideline that would help you tell who is respecting and who is not.

She is constantly talking only about herself

If you have noticed that she turns all of your conversation via online dating website messenger on herself, this is a good sign that she doesn’t respect you as a person. IF she doesn’t show any interest in you as a person, or what is your expectations, beliefs or hobbies, it means that she is only stealing your attention. The extreme kind would be so-called “drama queens”. They will be constantly demanding your attention and will be bringing on a lot of their troubled encounters with men.

She is not being responsive in online communication

Respectful partner or just an acquaintance will always answer to your meaningful emails or messeges. If you have engaged with a woman in conversation on online dating website and, after some time, you see that she is not being responsive, this means that either she has found somebody else or she is not respecting you. In former case decent respectful person would have notified you anyway.

She is talking about male population in disrespectful was, but keeps telling that you are an exception

If she is claiming that “all mean are bad/ evil/ ugly”, etc., but at the same time she is claiming that you are “the chosen one” or “you are different”, this means that she is not taking you as a person at all. They need somebody to project their ideal of a perfect man onto. When you will meet her in real life instead of online dating site, she will have to come up with reality and take you as you are. Even if the joke about your gender in disrespectful way, this is revealing. Watch carefully her slips of the tongue. She is probably taking your permission for her to direct her disrespect on you in the future.

She is approaching you from the start in sexual or overfamiliar way

Some women start their conversation on online dating web chats with overtly sexual messages like “Hey, you look real cute, you are fun to get laid with” or with overfamiliar inappropriate messages like “Hey, sugar, what are you up to, baby”. Similar openings presume an unacceptable level of familiarity between you two that doesn’t correspond to the real-life situation. This is up to you to accept it or reject it. After all, choice of words to greet somebody depends on a social status, jargon, age, etc., but certain signs of disrespect are here.

They are telling you stories when she was disrespectful to someone else

Whether she is talking about her ex-partner or just someone she knows, this is a warning sign. People are usually surprisingly repetitive in patterns of their behavior, and one day you may find yourself in exactly the same situation she has described you while chatting on dating website. If she is sorry of what she has done and takes her misbehavior as folly, this can be a sign that she is changing, but if she feels like she is proud of what she has done to her former partner, you are clearly putting yourself in risk of being treated similar in the future.


They keep contacting you in hours that you have indicated as unacceptable for contacting you

This is obvious. Partners must respect each other’s privacy and rights, and she is violating this rule before even meeting you in real life.

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