How to recognize that woman is ready for serious relationships

If you are looking for a lifelong partner on online dating website, you should carefully consider various factors before committing to relationships. Women you see may state that they are after strictly “serious relationships”. This is what most women tend to state because society rules force woman to pose herself as one who is only interested in long-term male partners. In reality, women can look for all kinds of relationships when they decide to register on dating sites. Women like flirting, one night stands and sexual games without any obligations as much as men do, while still keeping in mind “the chosen one”. How to recognize if woman is really looking for a serious commitment?

We suggest you follow these guidelines to help weed out those who is in for the play only.

Woman depends on her present partner or husband

Woman may claim that she is seeking long-term relationships, while being actually materially attached to her present husband or partner. It is often a case that couple is separated officially, but still lives together. This is obvious that woman must be officially divorced, but there are lots of other factors – common property, children and overall living conditions. If any of the above is an issue, woman is not actually separated, she is being partly influenced by her ex-partner, and therefore she is not independent in her decisions and cannot be ready for new relationships. You’d better give her some time until all the issues with separation from her ex-partner are solved.

Woman constantly compares you with her ex-partner

If she keeps comparing you with her ex-love or ex-partner, it means she is still somehow emotionally involved with him and has not “cleared up” her emotional landscape for brand new relationships. Women are always looking for “new ground”, they constantly aware of their future and always in process of research in finding a new possible partner. When she compares you to her Ex, she is not totally dedicating her enthusiasm to you, she is both looking at you and her Ex-partner as if calculating what is better for her –to stay or to go. Part of her energy is reserved still for her Ex. It’s up for you to decide whether it’s worth it or not waiting until she will have cleared up her ex-relationships, but in any case, comparison with her Ex shows that woman is not fully ready for long-term relationships with you.

Her profile indicates that she wants “to be friends first”

If woman states on her online dating website profile that she is looking for a “male friend”, who could possibly become her lover or husband in the future, that means she is totally not ready for serious relationships. They have subscribed to dating service and right from the start they are putting upfront some conditions. Either this woman is afraid of new relationships or has not got rid of her former infatuations. Anyway, she is clearly not ready for you.

She is overemphasizing looks of the men they prefer

When woman states on her online dating website’s profile that she is seeking “good-looking man” or “physically fit man” for long-term relationships, most probably she is just looking for a man for a short-term sexual affair. She doesn’t need fully compatible with her, life-long partner. At least not yet. Of course, physical qualities of man is an important factor when it comes to someone they are about to share part of her life with. But, when communicating that the only thing she is interested in you is your looks, that’s a clear sign that she is after a short-term affair. Why then she has stated she wants a long-term partner? This is common for women to follow rules of society and role model of “a perfect lady”. In reality, women are looking for one night stands as much as men do, but have to hide this fact.


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