How to talk about your money situation

In every relationship there comes a phase when people need to talk about the uncomfortable topics. One of them is definitely money. If you are dating with a Ukrainian girl you might be trying to show that she is very precious to you and you can do anything, but in the end she would still like to know wht is your real money situation. If you are not a millionaire you have to know how to talk about it.

Being straightforward is the key

Being honest about your financial situation can help you a lot on your way to happiness. Ukrainian women have different motives to date a foreigner. For ones it is an alternative to real life dating and they are hoping to be lucky and meet a special guy whom they would never have met in their own country. Others are hoping to attract a man in his forties with pockets full of money but no luck in love. If you do not want to get involved with the second category of women, then you should not be afraid to talk the money talks with your potential Ukrainian bride. After all, if she gets upset about your budget, is this really a woman that you want to be with?

How long can you play the millionare?

Even if you are trying to impress her at first by takng her to fancy restaurants and giving expensive gifts, you have to understand that you cannot do this forever if you live on a tight budget. At some point it is going to wear you out and if the truth about your money situation hits her unexpectedly, she might be really disappointed and it can seriously crack your relationship. Creating right expectation is always the key to sustainability. You have to prepare her emotionally to the kind of life you will have. It is hard for a Ukrainian ladies to find themselves in a modest single bedroom apartment after several months of fancy dating activities. Do not hope that she will be so in love with you by that time that she would not care. This happens only in the fairytales. However if you simply tell her about the way you live and you are not afraid to talk about it, it will generate a lot of respect in the Ukrinian girl.

The good side of being on a budget

Men do not like to talk about their money issues. They are afraid that it will show them as nerds who follow the budget or as someone who is not capable to make enough money to be carelessly spending it. The good thing is that Ukrainian women take it easy. Chances are, even if you work as a cashier at a fast food chain you are making more money than their whole family in Ukraine. The average salary there is under 500 dollars, whereas the difference in the prices is not that significant. So it might turn out that your Ukrainian bride would think that you are doing ok, even if you do not earn more than an average lower-middle class representative. What matters is how good you are with money. Do you know your expenses? Do you have enough money until the end of the month and you are trying to save? Do you avoid borrowing money unless it is absolutely necessary? If you know how to manage your funds, that will definitely make you a man in the eyes of a Ukrainian lady. It is a signal that you are reliable and you will be able to feed the family.


Being good with money is something that Ukrainian men often lack. So it is for sure a way to turn a disadvantage into a big plus for you. In the end, what matters is that you have woman with whom you can be honest and who will support you regardless of your income. The right woman will always motivate you to become more successful.

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