How women respond to pictures at your online dating profile

When looking at men’s profiles on online dating webservices, women go for pictures quickly and they start looking for clues about your personality. “If he is handsome so he probably a gamer”. You can’t get read of this initial image of you in her mind.

Avoid launching profile with no picture of you

There are surprisingly many accounts on online dating websites with no picture of the user attached whatsoever. This is a mistake. Empty profile implies that user is expecting women to have photo, while not having photo himself. This shows arrogance and vulnerability for most women.

Pictures with animals being present

Women love to take pictures with pets and see pictures with pets. Any nice little animal would do. If you don’t have a cat, a dog or a hedgehog, borrow little animal from somebody for the sake of photo session. Or, if you live not far from where horses are, make a picture with a horse. Many women admit that pictures with men either sitting on a horse or just standing next to her imply that man is romantic, adventurous, that he is able to tame and take care of wild animal.

Pictures with alcohol and cigarettes

The image of a romantic hero with cigarette in his mouth, glamorized in 1940s has recently become invalid for there are more and more women who don’t appreciate men smoking. Guys also love to take pictures in a bar with a bottle of beer cheerfully raised. Avoid them, both pictures in bars and pictures with beer. Presence of alcohol can damage your reputation right from the start. From where she stands, she is looking for a reliable partner, i.e. not drinking or taking any substances for that matter.

Pictures with your mother

This is a crucial type of pictures that every man must have on his online dating website profile. When he is in good relationship with his mom, he can take care of any woman properly. If your mother is out of reach, go to any old lady you know and ask her to make picture with you. She would love to do that.

Always look directly into the camera when taking picture

Make sure to look right into the lens of the camera when it shoots you for your online dating profile. The secret is simple. Direct look keeps following woman who is watching your photo. You will show that you are truly interested in her, your intentions are serious, and you are not playing cheap games. Look askance implies that you are an elusive person and possibly an unreliable partner. Speak through your photo “to her”, not “at her”.

Avoid pictures with sunglasses on

For similar reasons avoid pictures with sunglasses on. Men love to do that, thinking they look “cooler” and more enigmatic with sunglasses. While this is true, we assume you have registered on online dating website not to avoid people, but to attract people. Sunglasses create distance automatically between a viewer and you.


Make sure you are projecting right attitude via your body language

When posing for picture for your online profile, always lean a bit toward the camera. This slight angle would imply that you are paying attention to her, you are engaging. Your body is speaking “Hey, this could be quite a fun hanging out together”. Combined with a friendly smile this is an irresistible combination. Avoid posing as a “big boss” with your arms crossed on a chest and whole body arched back as if creating a distance.

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