When is a good time to travel to Ukraine?

If you have been successful in online dating, you have probably found a girl whom you really click with and enjoy chatting online. You are probably wondering when is the right time to offer the girl to meet. We will talk about the signs that help you recognize the moment and also how to talk about the meeting.

How to tell if she is ready?

Ukrainian women do not mind if you come to their country to meet them. It is you for whom it is essential to be sure about it. Before offering the Ukrainian lady to see each other in the real life, you have to make sure that the trip will make sense. Going to the Ukraine is not the easiest and cheapest thing to do. You have to be sure that upon your arrival you will be both working on taking your relationship further. It is better, if you have reached some level of intimacy before travelling. Does she feel free to flirt while video chatting with you? Have you talked about intimate topics? Have you confessed to each other about your feelings? If you can answer β€œyes” to these questions, then you have nothing to worry about and you can plan your journey.

Talking about serious things

Unless you are dating Ukrainian girls just for purely sexual short term relationship, you have to know, whether the outlooks of having a permanent partnership with the woman are good. Those, who have more serious intentions should not be afraid of talking about serious stuff. Learn what are her expectations towards your relationship and what are her plans for the future. Do you know what does she think about moving to another country? Do you share the same vision of marriage and the values in it? If you agree on major points, it can serve as a great basis for a lasting relationship.

How to set up the visit to Ukraine

If you think both you and the Ukrainian bride are ready to finally meet each other, you have to make the first move. Sometimes the guys are hesitant to talk about it. If you are afraid that the partner might not yet be ready for it, you can start by asking her about possible ways to travel to Ukraine. She will probably be curious and ask if you are planning to visit the place. You can answer that you are not sure yet, when you could come, but you are checking just in case you will decide to meet in the future. Then you should see what her reaction is going to be. Ukrainian women are often unpredictable. Some of them might start inviting you over right away – why wait if you can come now? It is certainly a good sign, but you need to make sure that she actually means it and takes your relationship seriously as well. If her reaction is much cooler, something like – yeah, if you happen to be in Ukraine let me know. Then you should really wait with the visit.
It never hurts to be up front when asking about meeting the lady. You can just ask what she thinks about it. Definitely ask it during a video conversation, not while chatting in a messenger. It is better to follow her reaction this way. If she is hesitant then you will know that perhaps you should postpone the travelling.


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