Setting up a Ukrainian date to win her heart

If you’ve decided to find a soul mate in Ukraine, you’ll obviously need to charm the woman of your dreams and win her heart. Ukrainian girls are very romantic by nature, and making something special for them feels very rewarding. Setting up a perfect Ukrainian date is also a part of the plan. You’ll have to learn certain things about the dating culture in Eastern Europe in order to avoid serious mistakes.

Table of content:

  1. Creating a positive first impression
  2. A man should be confident, assertive and decisive
  3. Ukrainian women enjoy old fashioned courtship
  4. Giving her flowers is a must
  5. Dress to impress
  6. Traditional date
  7. Original date ideas
  8. Dating her online
  9. Skype dates

Invite an attractive woman for a perfect Ukrainian date

Creating a positive first impression

There is no second chance to make a first impression – this statement holds true with women all around the globe, and Ukrainian ladies are no exception. In order to impress a Ukrainian girl, you’ll need to know what kind of man a typical Slavic woman actually like. Here are several things to take into account:

A man should be confident, assertive and decisive

If you’ve decided to win a woman’s hear and sweep her off her feet, you should demonstrate your willingness to overcome any obstacle and deal with any challenge. It’s not excluded that a Ukrainian woman will keep refusing to go on a date with you in order to see whether you’re serious enough about winning her affections.

If you keep trying, she’ll “give up” and accept your invitation. A typical Ukrainian girl likes her man to be a good decision maker and a leader in a romantic relationship. If he fails to demonstrate these qualities in the initial stages of their relationship, how can he be trusted to be a head of the family? How can he handle a huge responsibility of being a father and husband?

Ukrainian women enjoy old fashioned courtship

During a Ukrainian date a woman expects you to demonstrate flawless gentleman-like behaviour. Eastern European girls enjoy old fashioned gestures form a man: he is supposed to help her move her chair in a restaurant, carry her bag if it’s heavy, open doors for her, letting her enter and exit first. Kissing her hand is a wonderful old world gesture that every Ukrainian girl is bound to appreciate.

Giving her flowers is a must

When you go on a first date, giving her a bunch of flowers is a must thing to do. Eastern European girls are huge flower enthusiasts, and they judge a man’s romantic inclinations on basis of performing certain rituals. Giving flowers is one of them. Bringing a small bouquet of snowdrops or daisies is enough – you don’t have to go overboard and bring one hundred and one red roses. Even one flower will be enough to impress a Ukrainian girl.

Dress to impress

Eastern European ladies give a lot of importance to appearance – this is something to remember when setting up a perfect Ukrainian date. It doesn’t mean they are shallow and superficial: there is nothing wrong with their inner beauty, intelligence and character traits either. But external looks are an important part of one’s image for a Ukrainian girl.

This is one of those cases when a book does get judged by its cover, so make sure you’re not rejected solely for your unsatisfactory looks. It means, don’t go to meet her wearing wrinkled t-shirt and a pair of old jeans – it will be considered a sign of disrespect. She will surely take a lot of trouble to impress you with her perfect hairstyle, tasteful makeup and alluring outfit, so you’re expected to be prepared, too.

Needless to say, no one expects you to wear a tuxedo and do a manicure if this is something you never do. But your clothes should be well chosen, neat and clean. Don’t forget to have a good shave and use a pleasant perfume.

Things to remember when setting up a Ukrainian date for your girlfriend

Traditional date

When you invite a girl for a Ukrainian date, try to analyze her personality and make your plans accordingly. If she gives an impression of being a person who prefers traditional dates, a candlelit dinner in a cosy cafe or restaurant will do perfectly well. Don’t forget to reach her home and to walk a bit along the street of the night city, looking at the stars and talking about something romantic.

Keep in mind that average Ukrainian ladies for marriage will not go for physical intimacy before you have at least a few dates. And when we say physical intimacy, we mean kissing as well. So don’t try to kiss a Ukrainian girl after you spent one evening together – she’ll consider it strange and in 99.9% of cases will refuse.

Original date ideas

But if you feel that a girl will appreciate something original, go for something unique and inventive by all means. For example, if you’re visiting Ukraine in winter, invite her to visit an exhibition of ice-sculptures or have a snowball fight. Going to a skating rink together is also a wonderful idea. In spring time, when the weather starts brightening up, the two of you could explore the most picturesque parts of the city on bicycles.

In autumn, there is nothing like walking in the local park, when golden leaves make that pleasant rustling sound under your feet. In summer, go boating or watch a movie in an open air movie theatre. There are so many possibilities to explore.

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Dating her online

In the world of today, people don’t hesitate finding partners in other countries and even continents. There are plenty of reasons for doing so, and online dating becomes increasingly popular. There are plenty of Ukrainian girls on international dating sites, and having an online relationship with one of them is an interesting and rewarding experience.

Needless to say, online dating is not for everyone. There are plenty of people who can’t handle a long distance relationship. It’s not easy to keep the fire burning when your sweetheart is thousand miles away from you. However, online dating has its own advantages. For example, you are not distracted by the physical aspects of your relationship, and it helps you to make a better judgement on whether a person is actually compatible with you or not.

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Skype dates

If you want to set up a perfect Ukrainian date online, Skype (or similar app) is your best friend. Both of you can dress up as if you’re going on a real date, decorate your respected rooms and light some candles. Before the date, you can send her flowers – there are plenty of specialized services in Ukrainian cities where you can order a bouquet of your choice.

Getting a lovely bunch of flowers just before the date is sure to uplift her mood and bring an element of real life to your online relationship. You can even order the same food for her – the possibilities in the world of today are endless.

Make sure nothing interrupt you during the date. There shouldn’t be any background noises or people walking to and fro. Take of all the technical details well in advance. It’s not a good idea to set up a date in a crowded place like a city square or a cafe. Your own room and complete privacy is a must.

Think of conversation subjects you are going to touch upon during your Skype date. It can be either something humorous or romantic and personal. Make sure to sound cheerful and enthusiastic, even if you’re very nervous. Avoid depressing and pessimistic topics – a woman is not there to comfort you on the first date. If you think there is a possibility of you forgetting what you’re going to talk about, write down the questions and conversation subjects on a piece of paper.

Next time, you can watch a movie and discuss it during your Skype sessions. It’s lots of fun to stop it and make a funny remark or ask your Ukrainian girlfriend’s opinion about a certain scene or character.

These were only a few suggestions on how to arrange a Ukrainian date in order to win a Slavic woman’s heart. Feel free to improvise and try different techniques and strategies. What doesn’t work with one women, will surely work with another one. You have a better understanding of what kind of person you’re dating, so universal formulas are hardly of any use here. Best of luck in your love affairs!

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