What to say the morning after a hookup if feeling awkward

“Your first words after one-night-stand depend on the evening prior to that”, dating expert Kate Robson comments. “If the evening was sober, it means you realized who you were inviting.

In this case, the awkwardness of the moment is just about the fact that you two are still strangers and some of your hookup date free actions were probably too frank. Do not stress over it.

Remain easy-going regardless, and express your thankfulness in a positive form. Tell your casual partner it was cool to share such hot intimate moments and you had a great time.

It’s the best prelude to a farewell and it helps you look cool. However, if the evening before was drunk and chaotic, the awkward feeling gets stronger and one may need to put extra efforts.

If it’s a neutral territory and not your own home, just leave it before a person wakes up. It’s especially recommended if anonymity matters to you, for any reason. If you woke up second, it’s different.

Then you can choose between extreme politeness and ignoring. Try to either say politely it was a typical mistake for a drunk party, or get focused on your phone screen and eventually leave” .

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