Why Brilic is the new Tinder in 2019

I’m a seasoned dater who has hooked up with hundreds of pretty women – from strippers who were dancing from 12am to 5am, to sugar mommas who paid for my lifestyle – I’ve dated all of them. The main way for me to meet hot women is to use the best dating apps for iPhone.

  • I used to be a Tinder fan. Frankly, I liked Tinder a lot. I still remember when I discovered Tinder a few years ago, I was thrilled! The person who invented swiping left/right is a real genius. Dating became easy because everything I needed was on my phone! I hooked up with a large number of hot ladies on Tinder because I just swiped right on every woman’s profile. My strategy is to filter women who have already liked me! This saves me a lot of time. Having said that, I normally spent at least 2 hours on Tinder in order to get laid, so basically, from 7pm to 9pm every night, I was staring at my freaking phone. If Tinder didn’t deliver results, I wouldn’t do that because the blue light from the screen isn’t good for my sleep. That’s already proven by science.Tinder and brilic
  • What kind of hot girls did I meet on Tinder? From 2013 to 2017, I met countless attractive women on Tinder. My favorite girls were strippers who worked at night and slept in during the day. They were so sensuous and fun! Better still, strippers make a lot of money because they are very well paid. My stripper girlfriends only needed to work three nights a week as their income was very high. I had three girlfriends who worked as strippers at that time. They are beautiful women with great taste – one of those girls use Chanel No. 5 (the most elegant perfume for women); one of them wear Megan Hess’s scarves (the most artistic accessories that I’ve ever seen). Apart from that, I also dated sugar mommas that I met on Tinder. The best way to tell whether a sugar momma is for real is to go to the most expensive restaurant with her. At that time, I went out with a cougar and we were sitting in a very fancy restaurant. I ordered the most expensive item from every category on the menu and she didn’t have any objection at all, so immediately I knew she was the real deal. If a “rich woman” begins to talk about her diet as well as reasons why I shouldn’t order those items, then I would know she is a salt momma. The sugar momma that I dated was a high-profile businesswoman whose husband left her for a younger woman. She had a Hermes Birkin bag which was Samantha Jones’s favorite handbag. I checked the price of her bag on the Internet – it should cost her at least $20,000! I was amazed. When I was her toy boy, she bought me a lot of good clothes, including a Tom Ford suit and a pair of Hugo Boss shoes. She made me more fashion-conscious!senior dating app
  • Brilic dating app changed my life forever. I was happy with Tinder except how much time it took – swiping left or right is indeed a creative idea, but my time is more precious. I don’t really want to spend two hours per day on a freaking dating app. So, I decided to look for something different and found Brilic dating app on iTunes. Brilic is very different from Tinder – instead of swiping left/right, I can easily meet sexy ladies organically, just like our ancestors did. This is a very refreshing approach to meeting hot girls It makes every connection more meaningful. In contrast, Tinder sends me two thousand matches per month and I hooked up with hundreds of girls per year – that life was colorful, but it was also empty. I don’t really enjoy meaningless hook-ups anymore, and it seems that meaningless hook-ups are the main theme on Tinder. Therefore, I find Brilic dating app much better than Tinder – it’s more about serious dating and finding a long-term relationship that actually makes me satisfied and happy. I’m not a young man who looks for excitement and fun only; I’m a mature guy who prefers something more meaningful and rewarding. As a result, Brilic is the right dating app for me – it’s also known as the most trusted dating app on the market right now. Actually, I met my current girlfriend on Brilic dating app in 2019. We were chatting online and then met each other in a coffee shop. Because the first date was perfect, we continued seeing each other and now we are in a long-term relationship that is fulfilling and satisfying.brilic dating app
  • My beautiful girlfriend is a real artist. My girlfriend is Chinese and she is the hottest woman that I’ve ever dated. Also, she is probably the richest woman that I’ve ever had. If you’ve read Kevin Kwan’s book China Rich Girlfriend, you would know that my current girl is “China rich”, meaning she is filthy rich! She works as an artist, but she is definitely not a starving artist – she is a thriving artist who makes a lot of money. I still remember when she sold an original painting, that customer paid her $30,000! And she does that all the time. I asked her how she became so successful, she showed me a book – Real Artists Don’t Starve (written by Jeff Goins). Her life philosophy is: Play to win. Most people are just playing not to lose or playing it safe. Therefore, I really admire my Chinese girlfriend that I met on Brilic dating app. By the way, I noticed that Brilic dating app’s official website has a blog in English and another blog in Chinese (if you check out its Chinese version) and articles on those blogs are very good because the content is written by real dating experts rather than random copywriters who don’t understand dating advice at all.hooked up brilic
  • I’m selecting an engagement ring for her. Since I’m planning on proposing to my Chinese girl soon, I’m looking for the perfect engagement ring. I’ve visited Cartier and Tiffany & Co., yet I’m still wondering whether I should buy her a diamond ring or a special ring with a different gemstone, because my Chinese woman is unique – she is the most creative, the most interesting and the most intelligent woman that I’ve ever had. Maybe she will appreciate more thoughts, e.g. a sapphire in white gold or a ruby in yellow gold – these are more outstanding than a regular diamond in white gold.best ukraine date app

In summary, having meaningless hook-ups is just a waste of time for losers who don’t have a real purpose in life – that’s my honest opinion & I do apologize if you find it offensive. In this day and age, every industry is getting more and more competitive, so a real man with ambition should focus on his career rather than how to hook up with random women. Consequently, you would be well-advised to delete hook-up apps like Tinder and choose something more meaningful to you. Personally, I recommend Brilic dating app because most women on this app are looking for serious, long-term relationships rather than casual encounters that waste everyone’s time.

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